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Upcycling lactic acid to preservatives- Internship experience

Ngoc Anh Luu

MSc Biobased Sciences -Wageningen University

“Hi! My name is Anh and I am a student from Vietnam. I have just finished a four-month internship at Greencovery as the final part to graduate with a MSc in Biobased Sciences at Wageningen University & Research. So through this short blog I would like to share my experiences while being an intern at Greencovery. I hope you enjoy the read!

I got to know about Greencovery when I was searching for an internship place that is closely related to my master program, and came across their website. After reading all the blogs and learnt about the projects that Greencovery has been working on, I became interested and contacted Carlos. Shortly after an introduction meeting  about the possibilities, I started in March 2021 as an intern.

At Greencovery, I have worked together with Joana Leiros on optimizing the recovery of lactic acid from a food side streams using Greencovery’s technology. The project was a perfect combination of my Bachelor study, which was analytical chemistry and my Master study. I had a chance to work with in practical work with ion-exchange, which I only got to learn in theory when I was taking courses. The project has helped me a lot in refreshing my chromatography knowledge, while learning more about upcycling side streams.

I have really enjoyed my time at Greencovery because of the flexibility, the great colleagues and the enjoyable working environment. I also really appreciated the chance that Greencovery has given me, because I know and understand that during COVID-19 times, it can be challenging for a lot of students to find an internship place. I was lucky enough to grab the chance.

Overall, it was a very pleasant internship experience and I would like to thank Carlos, Joana and Paco for the chance to learn, and for all your help. I wish Greencovery the best, because you deserve success from all the hard work!

As for the readers, if you are interested in someone who has an analytical chemistry background, and with an interest in environmental and biobased sectors, please contact me through the Linkedin link below. Thank you for reading!”

Ngoc Anh Luu:

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