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Protein-rich side-stream to valuable ingredients

Hi! My name is Aris Amygdalaris and I am a recent graduate of Wageningen University & Research. As the last part of my MSc in Biotechnology, I had a four-month internship at Greencovery, from March until July 2022.

Aristeidis Amygdalaris – MSc Biotechnology, Wageningen University & Research

I got to know Greencovery from a good friend and past intern of the company. Her recommendations, the projects and the visions of the company drove me to make an open application. A few days later, I had an interview with Paco Caparros, who became my supervisor. During the interview, we discussed the potential topics that I could work on and we found one matching my interests. Later, I was introduced to the rest of the team and the lab facilities, and I was sure about the great working environment that Greencovery offers.

My internship topic was ‘The recovery and purification of protein fractions from different raw materials. During this project, I mostly worked in the lab applying Greencovery’s novel technology to these raw materials. Initially, I studied the behavior of pure amino acids and later I separated them from amino acid mixtures aiming for the highest  purity. In the second experimental phase, I worked on the extraction, recovery, and purification of proteins from complex side-streams, such as brewer’s spent grains.

At the same time, I worked on my soft skills. Organization and project management are some of the strongest characteristics that I further developed during my internship. The weekly meeting that I had with Paco and in some cases with the whole team, helped me to develop my presentation skills, be confident, receive feedback and be critical about making decisions for the next steps.
Overall, my internship was a great experience for me and I feel thankful to Paco for supervising me and to the whole team. After working for four months at Greencovery, I gained a nice view of how a small company works and I found it nice that people are involved in different projects and they all can assist on different topics. I wish Greencovery success in the future with the upcoming projects and I believe that scaling up is just a matter of time.

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