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Platform bringing together food ingredients & services

Greencovery partner with 1-2 Taste to bring innovative ingredient technology to the market. We are looking forward to bring solutions to a broader market and help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. You can find us in the brand store:

Greencovery | 1-2 Taste:

1-2-Taste is the world’s first platform bringing together food ingredients and services to help food manufacturers innovate. 1-2-Taste is offering ingredients as flavours, colours; fruit and vegetable based ingredients; sweeteners; texturizers; taste improvers and much more for many applications. Are you a food producer looking for single innovative ingredients or services for the bakery, ice cream, confectionery, beverage & dairy or meat processing / alternatives industry? Go to:

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Interested in what we can do for your business?

We are here to accelerate the time-to-market of new ingredients recovered from sidestreams making your business more feasible and sustainable.