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Labeling our upcycled ingredients

Hello! My name is Florence Warren and for a short project, I was working at Greencovery as a Regulatory Affairs Consultant. Greencovery is start up that recovers the food industry’s side-streams before they are considered waste. This means the side streams are still part of the supply chain and HACCP plan of the producing companies.

My project with Greencovery fit in perfectly at the time as I was finishing my MSc in Food Safety, specialised in law and regulatory affairs, at Wageningen University. At Greencovery, I was working on the strategy for a new upcycling project and how it could enter the market. This consisted of looking at EU regulations and US law on novel foods, additives and labelling requirements. Part of my work involved networking and discussing with experts relevant to the project, which I really enjoyed!

Greencovery is a flexible, small and dynamic start-up located in the Food Valley. I really enjoyed working in an international team where team members take ownership of their own projects. As someone working in Regulatory Affairs, it was great to be in direct contact with food technologists and see the tangible upcycled food product in the office. Even though I was there for a short period of time, the team was really welcoming, and I was able to experience how open and fast paced a start-up can be! I will always keep a fond memory of my time spent at Greencovery. Thank you Luuk, Petra, Carlos, Joana and Paco!

As of now I am on holiday until I start a 2-year supply chain traineeship at PepsiCo on the 1st of September 2022. I look forward to seeing where Greencovery’s new project leads and to our paths crossing in the future!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Linked In

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