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Valorization of citrus peel – Internship experience

Sep Woolschot

MSc Biobased Sciences/ MSc Biotechnology, Wageningen University

Last week, Sep Woolschot, finished his internship at Greencovery and we asked him to share how the experience from his perspective.

Here is what he shared with us:

“After my second master thesis, I was planning to do an internship abroad.

However, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, and I had to change my plans.

Fortunately, I had met Carlos Cabrera about two years ago, while I was working on my first master thesis. I knew he had started a company that focused on recovering ingredients from industrial side-streams, which connected to my interests very well.

Only a week after we had our first contact I could already start working on the valorisation of citrus peel, a resource that is commonly processed to low-value animal feed.

At Greencovery I got the opportunity to design and model (baseline) processes for the valorisation of citrus peels, while also exploring novel methods (using Greencovery’s own technology).

Process design was not a particular expertise of mine, and I am very grateful that I got the chance to improve my skills by working with well-trained supervisors in a personal and pleasant environment.

I loved the discussions with the team, where creativity ruled and where no idea was disregarded. It made me feel involved and appreciated, and I am confident the company’s flexibility, personality, and professionality are the key attributes that are going to make them very successful.

I wish Greencovery all the best.”

Moving forward his main interests “lie in the biobased sector and the algae industry, with a particular focus on Research & Development. His ambition is to contribute to a more circular and biobased economy, for example by developing strains of microorganisms for the sustainable production of products like biochemicals, or to investigate conversion processes of renewable feedstocks for the same purpose.”

You can reach him out at:

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