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Bioprocess Engineering & Entrepreneurship

Mirka Scharf – MSc Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

Wageningen University and Research

“It was important to me to do something beyond ‘pure science’ during my internship; joining Greencovery enabled me to see how academic research could be transformed into the core of an innovative business. However, what I appreciated most were the opportunities I was given. With a background in bioprocess technology, a task in process development was the logical choice. But as my entrepreneurial interest had started to develop throughout my masters, I was also curious to experiment with business development simultaneously; and Greencovery let me do so. For example, I drafted the presentations to pitch for grants and participated in the StartLife Incubation Program Accelerate. Finishing this program, I was allowed to pitch a part of our business plan, which ultimately resulted in a grant of 25,000 €. The nice thing about interning at a startup is that failure is part of the learning process for absolutely everyone. You can try out about everything and will always be taken seriously, no matter how crazy the idea you come up with. As a student, I experienced this as a very safe and enriching environment to play, develop and grow. Thinking out of the box, structured and strategically and handling constant changes are learning outcomes that I profit from in the position I currently hold.”

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