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Improvements to separation of amino acids- Internship experience

Koen van der Heijden

MSc Life Science and Technology, Delft University of Technology

During the last months, Koen van der Heijden (MSc Life Science and Technology, TU Delft) has been working with us on our separation of amino acids technology.

Here is a summary of his experience:

“I met Carlos Cabrera through my master thesis supervisor Adrie Straathof at the Bioprocess Engineering research group at TU Delft. Carlos had done his PhD under Dr. Straathof and as a technical advisor for Greencovery he suggested this company as a good place to do my internship. By meeting Carlos and the rest of the team we were able to find a project that I would be interested in.

At Greencovery I was able to work on lab experiments validating the effectiveness of one of their patented technologies. My first few weeks were spent designing an experiment to test improvements of separating amino acids using CO2 expanded liquids (using Greencovery’s technology).

I was able to settle into the process design team at Greencovery quickly. My expertise lies in computer modelling rather than experiments, but the team still valued my input on the design and took my suggestions and criticisms seriously. This made me feel like I was a valued part of the team even with a lack of experience in the field. I was able to get familiar with lab work outside of academic settings, and was greatly helped by the team to understand how R&D operates in a company.

The design process and lab experiments were a great experience and highlighted many aspects of working in a small biotech company that helped me in deciding what I want my future career path to be. I have full confidence in Greencovery as a biotech company and wish them and the entire team all the best in their future projects.”  Koen van der HeijdenLinkedin

Thanks for the good work Koen and all the best for your next career steps.

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