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Highly selective concentration of medium chain fatty acids

In a previous blog article, Clara (PhD candidate Aalborg University) told us about her experience of coming for some months to work at TU Delft in close collaboration with us and WUR. We are proud to show the result of such collaboration, published in a high impact factor journal (Bioresource Technology).

We are very pleased with the result of her research in which we were able to selectively recover two medium chain fatty acids: caproic acid and enanthic acid using our technology. Additionally, caproic acid and enanthic acid were concentrated 14.6 and 20.6, respectively. This is a great stepping-stone for a broader range of applications. It proves the versatility of the technology, which was applied to recover these medium chain fatty acids from a complex mixture that contained sewage sludge + food waste from the largest wastewater treatment plant in Denmark (BIOFOS in Copenhagen).

Enjoy the read:

Link to article in Bioresource Technology – Highly Selective Recovery of Medium Chain Fatty Acids

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