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Greencovery involve in BeStart- North Netherlands

Greencovery was selected to participate in the BeStart network 2019-2020. The program was started in 2016 by Omrin, Ecomunity Park, Wetsus and Paques. The goal is to advance the development of clean technologies in the north of the Netherlands.

Networking with companies in the region

The network of the founding team of BeStart is an excellent opportunity to find partners, launching customers, partners, investors and subsidies. The growing network helps the startups to accelerate their development.

Bertwin Kampman from IPF: “The strength in this region is that we reinforce each other. Together we create the momentum at BeStart, so that startups come to the Northern Netherlands and stay here. ”

Unique insight into sustainable innovations
The DemoDay was also an important moment for the existing network. A day like that gives you a unique insight into the innovations that are coming up in the north of the country. In addition, as a network partner you are in the front row if you want to collaborate with a startup to implement in their own company or product.

Anna van Nunen from Innofest: “For me, the DemoDay was a very nice mix of new startups and old acquaintances, who once did a pilot with Innofest, for example. Very nice to see how they take the next steps at BeStart. ”




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