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Greencovery gets Innovation Contract in Biovoice!

Greencovery gets a grant and new customer to recover organic acids from food production side-streams.

Biovoice -a platform for biobased business innovation- recognized Greencovery value by allocating an Innovation Contract within one of the proposed challenges.

Greencovery was one of the selected companies to execute a project in the separation challenge from the Biovoice 2019. In this project, the Greencovery team are implementing their owned technology to upcycle valuable components from the partner food side-streams. The technology allows to valorise additional organic acids from the side-streams and reduce the environmental impact of the stream. Helping our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and accelerate a circular economy in the region.

The Selection Process

There were seven challenges proposed by Cargill, Cosun and Rodenburg BioPolymers.  In the first round more than 50 specialized startups submitted their application to solve those challenges. From then 19 were selected to participate in the Biovoice Challenge Weeks. During the Challenge Weeks, the participants got to now the region and the companies behind the challenges. They also participated in work sessions and workshops, for example about business modeling, financing and IP. And, of course, they worked intensively with the proposing companies to explore ways to solve the challenges and find a match.

What happens now?

The BioVoice model is so unique that awarding the innovation contracts does not mean the end of the process. In other business challenge programs, making matches is the end station.
At BioVoice this is the beginning of the real work: the development process.

The innovation contract gives access to an extensive support system. The selected SMEs / start-ups are assured of financial support through innovation vouchers – to be spent with partners in the regional biobased ecosystem – and continued coaching and guidance by BioVoice. This guidance consists, for example, of linking to partners, resources and research facilities as well as opening doors to business and scaling up. Everything to realize the ultimate goal of BioVoice: to accelerate and valorise new knowledge and / or technology for a stronger biobased economy in the region.

Interested in what we can do for your business?

We are here to accelerate the time-to-market of new ingredients recovered from sidestreams making your business more feasible and sustainable.