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Foodvalley Member: Sustainable ingredients from production side streams

Greencovery is officially a member of Foodvalley!

Here is the full article published by Foodvalley:

Greencovery: Sustainable ingredients from production side streams

“Banana flavoring made from vinegar-production waste is just one of our successes since we founded Greencovery in 2018. With our brand new technology we enable food manufacturers to recover ingredients from their food production side-streams (typically organic acids and amino acids). We reveal the value hidden in their side-streams and point them towards new markets. Then we use our technology to bring the new ingredients to the market.

At this moment we are, together with three different companies in our lab at the Wageningen Campus, developing applications with natural circular ingredients from vinegar, corn processing, and whey and orange production. We discovered that many of our clients are Foodvalley members and based in the Foodvalley region. This made joining the ecosystem a no-brainer. We want to learn what other members need in terms of sustainable ingredients and explore new applications for our technology together.

If we can’t help food companies to find new ingredients and sources, we’re happy to introduce them to other partners, because our main goal is to make food production more sustainable. This requires collaboration and that’s exactly what the ecosystem is about. We already discussed our technology with a few other members via Foodvalley experts. We are open for more!”

Link to article in FoodValley webpage.


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