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Dynamic model for the ion exchange process

Eline Wilhelm

MSc Biobased Sciences -Wageningen University

“As part of my MSc in Biobased Sciences I wanted to complete an internship related to my specialization biorefinery and conversion. I also had recently become interested in programming and data science, so I was trying to find an internship that included both biobased sciences and programming. Luckily, my university supervisor put me in contact with Carlos Cabrera, who offered me an internship here at Greencovery. During the past four months, I developed the first steps for the ion exchange model . In the future, this model will be used by Greencovery¬† in designing separation processes for the recovery of new ingredients from side-streams. I really enjoyed my internship at Greencovery.¬† The team is very enthusiastic and supportive. They were always available to answer my questions about ion exchange and our weekly online meetings made me feel like I was part of the team, even though the internship was remote. This internship has made me feel more confident in my programming ability and I think it is a great preparation for a career in data science. I am thankful I had the opportunity to work for Greencovery and I wish them the best of luck in growing their company.”



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