Valorization of citrus peel – Internship experience

Last week, Sep Woolschot, finished his internship at Greencovery and we asked him to share how the experience from his perspective. Here is what he shared with us: “After my second master thesis, I was planning to do an internship abroad. However, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, and I had to change my…

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Dynamic model for the ion exchange process

Eline Wilhelm MSc Biobased Sciences -Wageningen University “As part of my MSc in Biobased Sciences I wanted to complete an internship related to my specialization biorefinery and conversion. I also had recently become interested in programming and data science, so I was trying to find an internship that included both biobased sciences and programming. Luckily,…

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Bioprocess Engineering & Entrepreneurship

Mirka Scharf – MSc Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship Wageningen University and Research “It was important to me to do something beyond ‘pure science’ during my internship; joining Greencovery enabled me to see how academic research could be transformed into the core of an innovative business. However, what I appreciated most were the opportunities I was given.…

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