Case study

Highly Selective Concentration of Medium Chain Fatty Acids

In a previous blog article, Clara (PhD candidate Aalborg University) told us about her experience of coming for some months to work at TU Delft in close collaboration with us and WUR. We are proud to show the result of such collaboration, published in a high impact factor journal (Bioresource Technology). We are very pleased…

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How to best recover amino acids for food industry

Greencovery was awarded with one of the NWO Take-off grants. With this project, we are applying our novel technology for the recovery of amino acids. Amino acids are molecules formed by an amino group (-NH2) and a carboxylic acid group (-COOH). Attached to these functional groups, there is a substitutional group, which gives an infinite…

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The power of Volatile Fatty Acids recovery

The power of Volatile Fatty Acids recovery as a bond between Copenhagen and Delft Research stay- Aalborg University- Delft University of Technology- Greencovery A research stay abroad is quite common among PhD students, and listening to all the good stories and experiences of fellow PhDs encouraged me to give it a try. I am currently…

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