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What keeps us busy

Combating Food Waste

In honor of #StopFoodWaste day, Greencovery recently joined forces with…

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Dipping into Upcycling – Week of Circular Economy 2024

Dipping into Upcycling: Combating Food Waste Together During the Circular…

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A milestone in the Netherlands’ battle against food waste

Last week marked a significant turning point in the ongoing…

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Greencovery raises € 500.000

Greencovery raises € 500.000 for further development of their unique…

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Labeling our upcycled ingredients

Hello! My name is Florence Warren and for a short…

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Protein-rich side-stream to valuable ingredients

Hi! My name is Aris Amygdalaris and I am a…

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Upcycled ingredients samples produced at our facility

Sample generation using Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Greencovery keeps expanding,…

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Scaling up our upcycled flavours

We keep hitting milestones and last year we scaled up…

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Greencovery powers up with Petra Vossenberg as Market Innovation Lead

Startlife published a new article about our team and the…

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