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Labeling our upcycled ingredients

Hello! My name is Florence Warren and for a short project, I was working at Greencovery as a Regulatory Affairs Consultant. Greencovery is start up that recovers the food industry’s side-streams before they are considered waste. This means the side streams are still part of the supply chain and HACCP plan of the producing companies.…

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Protein-rich side-stream to valuable ingredients

Hi! My name is Aris Amygdalaris and I am a recent graduate of Wageningen University & Research. As the last part of my MSc in Biotechnology, I had a four-month internship at Greencovery, from March until July 2022. Aristeidis Amygdalaris – MSc Biotechnology, Wageningen University & Research I got to know Greencovery from a good…

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